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Because urbanstereo and I have actual lives outside of Korean pop music, we can’t always be on top of the latest breaking news about Jaejoong’s 45th love child or the latest boyband having extremely crazy fans. That’s why we turn to you, Beefcakes! We trust you guys are about as snarky and awesome as we are (of course, you chose the best blog out of all the shitty KPOP blogs out there).

Below are guidelines for writers and submissions. We expect nothing but the best from you – even though we’re already on here.

Guidelines (Recipe for Permanent Success)

  • Requirements
    • Ability to not take anything (fans’ opinions included) in KPOP seriously. If you find yourself getting upset and wanky over a scandal, imagine a butt-naked Minwoo before posting anything. You have to basically take every single punch that comes your way.
    • Ability to not take flamers seriously. We get lots of flamers when either starpowder or urbanstereo makes a post about BoA sucking again or if we said we have proof that Jonghyun is getting married to a monkey. Most of the time, flamers don’t come back but if they do – usually we’d stop caring by then and are just glad we got more traffic.
    • Ability to be somewhat social. This means we need to be able to contact you if there’s anything going on or we need to talk to you if you posted the article about Se7en’s marriage to Taeyang. Also we need to be able to gain connections to get interviews to some of KPOP’s beefiest stars and we cannot do it alone.
    • Time. This is something urbanstereo and starpowder don’t really have anymore, but they will try their best to remember to care about posting to Korean Beef.
    • Ability to promote. This means you can pimp us anytime someone even thinks about KPOP or have connections to some of the “bigger” and “more popular” blogs around.
    • More than enough grasp on grammar and sentence structure. We can’t understand you if you type in StIcKy CaPs.
    • Have a basic knowledge of Korean culture. We don’t really care if you’re an expert but have somewhat of an understanding towards their culture.
    • Ability to be funny. This is most important. We can’t have unfunny business here.
  • Benefits
    • You’ll get your own WordPress account with us. You’ll be able to log in and out anytime as you please to update Korean Beef about what’s going on. If you already have a WordPress account, we’ll just give you access to the posting features.
    • Your own individual page describing who you are and what you’re like.
    • You’ll be amongst the top writers of KPOP. Even though we haven’t been yet recognized for our writing skills, we’re still top notch.
    • You’ll have legions of fans at your disposal because of your wit. Not because you can eat 10 orders of fries in one go.
    • You’ll have the feeling of belonging in a team, and not just any team — The Supreme Team (of K-POP writers).
    • NOTE: We reserve the right to edit or revise your articles but usually we won’t unless it’s grammar issues.
  • Tempted? Send Us:
    • An example of an article with your chosen alias. We prefer to use aliases instead of our real names because we’re not dumb. KPOP fandom is extremely dangerous and should not be taken lightly if you manage to offend them. Also if they find your address, you may find bloody fanmail in your mailbox, or if you manage to piss off Tablo then expect interpol (not the band).
    • Contact information. This includes Twitter, FaceBook, LiveJournal, e-mail, AIM/MSN, etc. Please note that urbanstereo and I will never ask for your WordPress password. Don’t be stupid and give it out to your friends. We don’t want another POP SEOUL incident happening. Also all contact links and information will be kept private for your protection.
    • Additional comments. If you have any comments regarding your account or if you just wanted to praise us for our good work.

So, are you ready to become a full-fledged Korean Beef writer? Please submit to krnbeef@gmail.com and we will e-mail you whether or not we want you as part of our team.

However, if you don’t want to become a permanent writer for Korean Beef there’s always the option of just submitting it to us:

Guidelines (Recipe for Success)

  • Name or Nickname
  • Good grammar/spelling.
  • Information needs to be real.
  • You don’t have to link to the source (translated preferred) but it’ll help if you had some sort of proof about your information.
  • We reserve the right to edit or revise your submission.

Think you have what it takes? E-mail us at krnbeef@gmail.com. Or if you just have tips, feel free to just e-mail it to us or go to our twitter, @kpopbeef.


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