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Hyesung Wants To Be “Close to You”


It seems like Shinhwa are gradually coming back from the military. Following in the footsteps of Eric, JunJin and Dongwan, Hyesung returned on December 4th.  Why are we just reporting Hyesung’s return? Because we’re lazy.

Hyesung held a two hour long concert in a smaller venue to create that “intimate” feeling with his fans. Hopefully it wasn’t too intimate, because we want to believe Hyesung came out relatively un-violated by any enthusiastic fans. He performed his older songs such as “First Person” and covered other artist’s popular songs, one being “I Don’t Care”. We believe that this is his subtle way of saying if you are the first person he sees, he probably won’t care. He still won’t like you.

He even added to this insult by treating his fans to a teaser of a new track, “Think About It”. Such as, think about why I’ll never like you. Okay, maybe he really isn’t that much of a grouch towards his fans, especially since his closing words were,

It’s been a long time since I’ve performed and this moment right here makes me so very happy. What strengthens my will to continue singing is all of you. I will return soon with good music.

With four out of six members having returned to the K-POPosphere, we’re going to have to keep waiting for the other two. Hopefully after all these new stars, the fully-returned Shinhwa won’t seem like old, washed-up artists trying to relive their former glory.


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JYJ Embraces the American Dream

Complete with fabulous gentlemen outfits.

Are you fat? Are you American? Are you a long-time crazy Cassiopean? Have you always wished to be within 100 ft. of three dreamy Korean idols? Have you mounted their The… CD and have five extra copies in case other jealous Cass steal it? Do you daydream of marrying one of the guys from Tohoshinki and shattering other fan’s dreams forever?

Well, you’re in luck!

Joining their efforts with the greatest rapper of all time Kanye West, and some other person we don’t care enough about to remember, JYJ will be doing a world tour and making several stops in the U.S! For all you lucky people living in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, three former members of the sensational group Tohoshinki will be in your area come November!

We have shamelessly stolen the following dates from their official website:

Bangkok Impact Challenger 15th October
Kuala Lumpur Stadium Negara 17th October
Hong Kong Asia World 24th October
Taipei Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center 30th October
Shanghai Grand Stage 7th November
New York Hammerstein 12th November
Seattle WAMU THEATER 13th November
San Francisco Bill Graham Auditorium 14th November
L.A Shrine Auditorium 19th November

Korean Beef will take live footage of the concert and perhaps try to land an interview (if we’re really lucky and do several blowjobs along the way) during the New York and Los Angeles performances. Keep tuned!

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