(Special) Why I’m NOT Proud to be a SM Stan

June 29, 2012 at 4:37 am 14 comments

Ahh, SM Entertainment. You have brought countless joy to the masses (even all the way to Timbuktu without the help of the Internet). You brought us Shinhwa, H.O.T, M.I.L.K., BoA, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, Girls Generation, and a bunch of other nobodies to the forefront and made us think they’re something special. You made us believe in 90s cheese music again.

The tl;dr version of this is that: the SM fans are extremely petty, stupid, and they make mountains over mud puddles. And I’m ashamed to be even associated with them. There are those who are not that way, of course, but … I think it’s important to point out their issues.

Now, I’ll admit – I am very SM biased. I’ll get up and do my best vocal rendition of “Replay” and I’ll do my best dance version of “Sorry, Sorry” that I can muster. I buy their CDs (and repackages). I cry that I can’t make it to the SM Towns. I envy those who get to get pictures of Lee Teuk’s nostrils. I literally scream for Henry Lau and Girls Generation though I lead the illusion that I am about to hit my mid-20s very soon. I always love listening to their music for the specific reason that they’re an escape from my shitty life. SM gives me the illusion that maybe I could walk up to Sunny and we can go just go bbubuu all day every day.

But maybe that’s dangerous that they do it. In the ending of the first of 100 versions of “Happiness”, you can see Super Junior holding fucking signs that said, “FREE HUGS!” And they proceed to hug everyone – including the security guards who probably didn’t know who the fuck they were.

“Oh, these guys want to hug me? Uh, okay..? I better get overtime.”

And then we never hear from them again. Okay, that’s obviously an exaggeration (one of the few flaws Korean Beef has) but the point is that maybe the idea of being able to hang out with Onew over some Gamjatang has warped into something horrifying and obsessive.

Like any smart company, SM Entertainment cashed in the fame of these nobodies by creating these fanclubs. I suppose to give the fans a sense of belonging since their school days essentially makes them stay for up to 12 hours a day. Supposedly, they’ve only recently made it so the grade school kids don’t have to attend Saturday classes.

That’s insane!

So I understand that the students (grade, middle, etc) need something extra in their life to look forward to for entertainment. And that’s, I think, is the basis of everything that’s wrong with how it’s being handled. Of course, the United States still has its own ways to go. That’s not the point though. The point is how insane these fans are and how extreme they can be.

And, well, they do a lot of stupid shit. What gets me is that SM Entertainment know what they’re doing is fucked up but they don’t do anything about it. They just let it escalate out of control to where it’s acceptable for fans to pressure each other do to more in order to: 1) shock to impress oppa/unnie 2) shock to impress other fans at their “dedication” 3) prove to themselves in their own mind that they are worthy in their idol’s eyes 4) other psychological issues I probably haven’t even touched or have gone near.

Korean Beef always have issues with fanclubs – that isn’t a secret but it’s important to know that this post is not just going to be about Korean fans but International fans as well. SM Entertainment is (somehow) becoming a name in the world because of the Internet. And to be fair, apparently, there are those groups of fans who do indeed respect the artist but it really feels like it’s far and few in between.

I’ve prattled on long enough. Remember: this is all that I can think of and what I’m aware of. Feel free to spam the comments with your thoughts on how I don’t understand the true spirit of sending death threats or trying to get my ass get run over or whatever.


On the surface, they really seem like any regular SM fanclub – they’re petty, they’re stupid, they devote an insane amount of time analyzing whether or not Tiffany meant to fart in Sunny’s face.

However, this is the story how their world was flipped, turned upside down. They’d just like to take a minute to explain how they became your typical fans in the KPOPosphere. In South Korea, born and raised – admiring the girls from afar is where they spent most of their days. Chilling out, swooning over them, relaxing all cool. And attending a place called Dream Concert, watching ELF be a fool. But when a couple of ELF who were up to no good started making trouble in the SONE neighborhood. They got in one little fight and ELF got scared. And said, “You’re moving away from ELF so you can get a breath of fresh air!”

Of course, it wasn’t one little fight. Did you really take my sarcasm seriously? Anyway, there had been a lot of animosity between ELF, SONES, Triple S (back when SS501 were remembered), and Cassiopeia. Apparently, according to those clubs, Girls Generation had committed various crimes against nature.

What are those crimes you may ask? Well, we’ll get to those later (especially specifically under ELF and Cassiopeia’s entries because it’s a whole clusterfuck of problems between their own individual issues with them) but tension had been rising for quite a while. This came to a head during the 2008 Dream Concert.

I can almost understand why SONEs reacted they did back then because the clubs were deliberately trying to piss them off. I went to that year’s KMF when Wonder Girls cancelled because of reasons and Girls Generation replaced them. I sat next to an ELF and Cassiopeia and I heard them with my own two ears when they booed the girls. I became a fan myself because of the hate they were getting was really fucking ridiculous. Even now, I would say that I’m dredging very close to SONE status because of how much I love the band.

But then I get a fucking reality check. While the accusations post is from a very famous anti-SNSD blog (shenyuepop.com) who have long since been shut down, I feel that they deserve a mention:

  • SONES carried a knife & threatened other fans
  • SONES left the stadium after SNSD’s performance
  • SONES physically attacked members of ELF, Cassiopeia, and Triple S
  • SONES sexually assaulted an ELF
  • SONES verbally threatened and abused ELF, Cassiopeia, and Triple S
  • SONES tore down the Super Junior and Dong Bang Shin Ki banners
  • SONES threatened to rape Sungmin & Kangin

For the most part, this blog post seems to have rebutted most of the accusations but there is two particular things I have a problem with:

– Girls’ Generation fans raped us.

I’m sure this one’s true because it’s not on the media! That was sarcasm. Of course it would’ve been on the media if people were raped! There were camera crews all around the freaking arena. Also, there were many security guards there.

Actually, they wouldn’t be most likely. The report for rape in Korea is extremely and unfortunately low. It’s not because there’s less happening. No. No. No. It’s happening because the victims are shamed. Victims aren’t just women and children – they can be men and the elderly. They can be anyone and everyone. I do not know why the stigma exists in that culture. I know it exists in the United States for sure as well in the rest of the world. Does that mean we should continue it’s nasty and awful cycle? Fuck no.

And the “there were many security guards there”? Um, I don’t think anyone is emotionally equipped to deal with something like rape. It’s very easy to say that it’s possible for someone of authority to help the victims – but as we’ve seen in the news recently about the Open World Entertainment scandal, people in authority take advantage and rape too.

Would they have reported to the proper authorities? Most likely not. Again, the psychological, societal, and even the cultural issues of victim blaming comes first before anyone would probably help. So no, even if it’s not reported – don’t ever gloss over something major as a sexual assault.

– Girls’ Generation fans threatened to rape our dear oppas, Sungmin and Kangin. (Super Junior members)

… yes. They’d sure pick the strongest member in Super Junior (Kangin) and one that studied martial arts (Sungmin). I know you could counter with, “Well, they’re GG fans, how do they know that about SJ?” Well, you can just tell about Kangin. He’s really muscular. (:

No. No. No. Rape is never ever about sex. Rape is about the power the rapist has over their victim(s). As the writer pointed out, Sungmin and Kangin are known to have knowledge in martial arts. And I am glad they could defend themselves however, if a rapist really wants to rape someone, they will use their (wait for it) power to get what they want. I have no doubt that those two can easily turn that sick person into a pretzel but there is a stigma attached to males getting raped.

Once again, we’re back to the stigma of rape victims. But now I’m being more specific – males. I believe there are male victims in South Korea. The stigma is worse for them just because they’re male.

Either way, rape accusations should never have been cast aside for the sake of protecting your “name”. For the most part, they seem like any other fan club. It seems that they just enjoy egging ELF on with hopes they’ll soon go away and “hacking” for a dumb award, it seems they almost forgot 4 summers ago when they were pretty fucking scary.

Though there was one incident that Jessica was followed by a stalker in her fucking dorm. Nope. Can’t let that slide either. Just… ugh. Creepy.

SHINee World (Shawol)

Now at first, I was thinking, “Wait, why am I posting about SHINee?” But then I remembered how much I actually cared about SHINee (whoops).

Granted, the fact that the Shawols screeched in pain and utter disgust that their precious JongKey isn’t real but that Jonghyun wanted to date a woman. And wouldn’t you know it? SM actually acknowledged it. It did cause the Shawols to go apeshit and delude themselves into thinking they’re fake.

But that’s what most fans do anyway. I’m still butthurt that Se7en is dating someone that’s not me or Taeyang.

I digress. The real fuckery happened when SHINee released their god-awful teasers for their new mini-album aptly named, “Sherlock”. As per usual, SM Entertainment posted the god-awful teasers that I really don’t want to relive it.

Even a VIP stan took a look at the teasers and said that it had turned her off pretty much completely off of SHINee. That takes real dedication to make your band look ugly as hell. But it’s not so much the teasers made it’s way here. Honestly, I really wish I could forget about it but whatever.

There’s a new blogging system called Tumblr where you can sign up and pretty repost the same ugly edit of Taemin over and over again. They have a tagging system which helps people find your ugly shit easier so… naturally the Shawols would tag their posts with a hash tag (#) and the name (“#sherlock”).

Whoa wait a minute! In the United Kingdom, there’s a show called “BBC’s Sherlock” featuring some ugly dudes posing as the great Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson. Of course, most fandoms tend not to interact each other unless you’re edgy enough to like both Sherlock and KPOP.

So because of the name, the Shawols posted the teasers under their tags, they went apeshit too. Mostly them screaming and yelling at each other… over tags. Yeah. I wish I was fucking kidding. Here’s the fandom_wank post about it. Because of the whole ridiculous wank and fighting (and I think even in-fighting because the people who could really give less of a shit kept trying to calm everyone down), someone anonymous decided to be awesome and posted a bunch of dicks in the tag.

Which is appropriate because both sides were being dicks.

Eventually, they came back together amicably and the BBC Sherlock fans actually created a rule not to harass the precious Shawols. Collaboration gifs have been made and rebloged but it’s mostly forgotten – unless it’s to appropriately laugh at both fans.

Shawols by themselves are okay (but they produce some of the creepiest fanart of idols I have ever seen – and I’ve seen lots of fanart). But they’re always fighting other groups, like the one about Belibers vs Shawols on YouTube of all places.

Even when I tried to get some dirt on Shawols, Google was trying to correct me (“shawols vs sone” “shawols vs elf” etc). Holy crap, Shawols. Like I said, the Shawols are very tame but I still wouldn’t want to associate myself with them.

EXOTICS (Unofficial Name)

Okay, okay, so Exotics isn’t exactly the official name but that name seems to be picking up popularity. In which case, I think this post is a good place to start off with but there was a very mild wank on Tumblr.

Basically, EXO is split up into two subgroups – EXO-M and EXO-K. The K being obviously Korean and the M is Mandarin. There was quite a controversy anyway because of the one billion teasers from the group (mostly featuring the best Taemin look-alike, Kai). Somehow, the fans kept their attentions on them and they debuted. There were macros of D.O. mocking the Chinese language.

Because if you want to make it into the Chinese market and expand the fandom – go ahead and make fun of other people’s languages. Yep. It’s not going to backfire at all. So of course people call each other out but the Exotics were pretty much going, “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET US BE RACIST AND HAVE FUN AT THEIR EXPENSE? GOSH. JERKS.”

Granted, for the most part, Exotics are just your growing creepy fans. This came to a head during the 2012 SM Town when the boys wanted to go to Disneyland like any other tourist. While they were expecting joy and wonder of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Ariel, and the rest of the gang, they instead found themselves in a frenzy of Exotics simultaneously crapping their shorts for a chance to ride in the teacups with oppas.

Allegedly, one girl on Twitter was tweeting (as you do) that she was on vacation with her family when they realized who was there. She, instead of spending the day with her family, embarked on a grand personal journey of self-discovery of the dangers of stalking Chanyeol when he gets on the Space Mountain ride.

In fact, she went into great detail in her adventures about stalking EXO to the a point where she idly mentioned her brother peed with them in the urinals.

It wasn’t until people started to call her out on her creepiness that she actually began to think, “Hm, maybe stalking EXO wasn’t such a hot idea after all. Oh, Mama!” Most fans seemed to heavily criticize the Exotics who were in Disneyland for not letting them have fun or enough space to pee.


But recently, EXO were in London for some festival they were having and once again, the fans lost their shit and stalked them. They went as far to record them and in one of the recordings, there’s a girl who 1) made fun of Sehun’s lisp in front of him (because it’s not like anyone ever made fun of it before right – totally original comedy!) 2) touched them 3) apparently called them a slut and other names because they couldn’t just drop everything and perform fanservice for the the fans.

As proof of this bullshit, here’s a video of it.

Not only that, a couple of girls got tattoos of the EXO logo (particularly a couple of the members’ logos) on their hands. Now, their logo are obscure enough to seem random to other people outside the fandom. Great, whatever. But they had the EXO name tattooed on their hands as well. When people, once again, called them out on it. Their excuse was basically, “Oh, it’s not a big deal! We can just get it removed whenever we want!”

Are they aware that it’s not even that easy, cheap, not very time consuming, or whatever stupid myth that they think it is? Because it’s not. It may not even come off. It can get up to the thousands of dollars and may take dozens of treatments.

Also: there are other ways to to support your favorite oppa at the moment. You can 1) buy cds 2) spam pictures of him on Tumblr 3) buy their merchandise 4) call out other dumb ass fans for being dumbass fans and I think the most important one: 5) stop doing stupid shit. If you have to ask if what you’re about to do is stupid shit, then there’s a 100% chance it’s stupid shit.

Exotics wouldn’t be so bad if they would criticize but then actually follow through with their criticism whenever the band goes to their country. In other words, follow your own damn advice.

E.L.F. (Ever Lasting Friends)

ELF is an acronym for “Ever Lasting Foes” but they’ve somehow lied about it and claimed that instead of foes, it’s friends. Uh huh. They had been scary from the beginning. Back in the day, Super Junior were originally going to be a rotational group (“Super Junior 05”) but they were going to kick one member out and have Kyuhyun replace one of the members. The fans didn’t like this that the backlash was so strong that SM were forced to listen.

You can see how this is going to end up, right? Peaceful, rational, and generally caring fans who are accepting to everyone?

You’re so cute. I wish I could be as naive as you are.

The truth is that they are not. They are anything but peaceful, rational, and caring. They are not accepting.

In 2007, it was the year of the ELF Clusterfuck.

There was a girl named Lee Eun-ji. She was extremely overweight but, since it was her grandmother’s dying wish to see her healthy, she lost the weight in three months. How? By only drinking milk one or two cups of milk daily and starving herself. Because of how quickly she lost weight, she was placed in Star King. On the way, she took a picture of KangIn and later she posted it on her blog.

Because of the fact she’s not that much of a fan of Super Junior, much less Kangin, for some reason, ELF thought this was a horrible thing and not only harassed her on her blog, but they found out her cell phone number thus left horrible and horrifying messages for her. According to the now deleted popseoul.com:

Lee Eun Ji mentioned that she went up to her attic several times because she thought that it was better to end her life than to continue with her rigorous diet (she starved herself for three months, drinking only one or two cups of milk daily). She also cried her heart out saying it’s very difficult to deal with all the crap she’s currently going through. Before her weight loss, people treated her like a pig and after her weight-loss people are treating her like a liar (some were accusing her of losing weight via plastic surgery and/or diet pills).

So not only did she had ELF after her but she had people after her as well because of her dramatic weight loss. Finally, her parents found her body hanging.

In the classiest way possible, SM Entertainment released this statement:

“What can we say? We are shocked by this as well.”

No shit? But could you have done more than that? Of course you could have. Could you have taken responsibility for what your official fanclub did or at the very least make them responsible? Fuck yes you could have.

While Star King were the only ones who weren’t complete shit stains and aired a minute tribute for her on their program, ELF was actually had the forthright to apologize:

A fan of the pop group also posted a written apology on a portal site. She said she and other fans recognized their comments could have led to Lee’s suicide and apologized, adding they were regretful for having been jealous of the picture.

“Lee Eun-ji, I’m sorry, in heaven meet your grandmother and be happy.”

Didn’t you fucking turd mines also say how disappointed her grandmother was on her blog? Didn’t you use her fucking dead grandmother against this girl? Did you ever stop to think before she committed suicide that, gee, maybe posting about a fucking picture with KANGIN isn’t a big deal? Was it worth it? Will you ever take fucking real responsibility over it instead of saying, “Oh shit, uh our bad!”?

Answer: NO.

But soon after that, because it’s clear he pays attention in “How To Be a Class Act in SM Entertainment 101”, Lee Teuk the Liar came out and claimed that the figure skater Kim Yuna denied his friend request on Cyworld. Knowing already how batshit ELF are, he still said it. 2,000 negative, hateful, spiteful, jealousy-fueled, and threatening comments later, Lee Teuk comes out with “lol oh um that was a lie my bad I just wanted attention even though a girl committed suicide because of ELF and I wanted their attention again”.

Because that’s always a rational decision! Those people who were rightfully outraged by the mess called him out. However, ELF was quick to defend him (after all he is a liar after their own hearts) with, “at least he apologized.”

…Are…you…Wow. Let me describe these feelings in a single gif:

The year’s not over yet, folks! For some time, SM decided to get a couple of Chinese guys involved because they had the delusion that people in China wanted to hear their crappy songs. But of course, ELF learned their lesson about acceptance and tolerance, right?

Again, the amount of naivety you have – I want it.

Nope. Instead, this happened. Back then, I was a PRO15+ because I believe that fans shouldn’t leave comments on their blogs and do stupid shit like buy stock (they never should have listened to them in the first place with the rotational thing), “boycott” their Chinese album (thanks, more for us!), and other bullshit that they’ve done. I’m not going to get into it too much because you can still see how butthurt the fans are for having Henry and Zhou Mi exist even though they are clearly better than the rest of the group.

“Holy shit, starpowder moonrabbit! There’s a lot of shit to go through. You must really hate ELF!”

No shit.

“Please tell me there’s no more!”

There’s plenty more. Believe me. In 2008, we had the Dream Concert incident. Basically, to try to wrap this up as quickly as I can: SNSD breathed the same air as oppa and that’s wrong (obviously). Super Junior must win under any circumstances and of course, Girls Generation have a comeback while Super Junior are just wrapping up promotions! CLEARLY this is unfair treatment!

How do you piss off an ELF? Easy. Write anything with the words: “ELF” “are” “a” “bunch” “of” “horrible” “fans” “that” “should” “stay” “away” “from” “Super” “Junior” “until” “they” “get” “their” “shit” “together.”

In other words, just give them a little criticism.


I am probably incurring the wrath of God here just by mentioning them but look at the fucks I give:

In 2006, Yunho got poisoned. It was around this time I was actually getting into KPOP fandom and Dong Bang Shin Ki. These are merely speculations but the original story went that the drink was intended for Micky instead of Yunho but Yunho took it anyway. But either way, the point is that he drank soda that was injected with industrial glue which sent him to the hospital.

Later when investigations were done, it turned out that it was an anti-fan. She was arrested and was in the process of being charged when Yunho realized that since she’s the same age as his younger sister and then he decided to not press charges after all.

Now, I get the difference between a fan and anti-fan. The point of me bringing that mess up again is really to spread the word about the fans and their issues. Let’s face it: if it wasn’t for Cass, we wouldn’t have ELF, Exotics, Shawols, and SONES the way they are.

But because Yunho had always been especially nice to fans (even taking them out to breakfast on his birthday), it’s because of their attitudes that make them all the more shocking.

100 years ago, there were incidents when Micky and Jaejoong hit fans because of how stalker and just creepy and crazy they are, there were some people nice enough to create a document about the wrong doings of the saesang fans or the stalker fans. Saving fucking ultrasounds to actually doing plain out sexual harassment to peeing on their fucking possessions and stealing their Korean Social Security numbers and other creepy ass shit.

Granted, Cassiopeia are very organized and they are much more accepting than ELF. But if they’re going to keep either denying these fans’ existence and what they’re doing is wrong. Either own up to it or keep doing what you’re doing – deny they’re part of you.

Again, the tl;dr format is: SONEs are the creepy uncle that you have suspicious feelings for. It’s not that he’s bad per say but you can’t help but be suspicious of him. Shawols would be the cousin who’s overly enthusastic about everything and tries so hard to prove that they’re a big kid yet. Granted, for the most part, they’re just really tame and annoying – but you wouldn’t want to take them out in public. Exotics is the little sister who’s trying to be like ELF and umma Cassiopeia. Try as they might, they just can’t get to their level (thankfully). ELF are the older sister you wish you never had. She’s the kind of sister that would take everything super seriously and will more often than not try to make you seem you’re at fault when it’s really not you who’s making a mountain out of a molehill. This is why Uncle SONEs and big sister ELF don’t get along – Uncle SONE points something out to his niece but ELF would not tolerate the ajusshi’s advice because FUCK HIM that’s why. And Cassiopeia is the mother who teaches ELF the ways of the world but of course ELF takes it too far. Cassiopeia doesn’t want to take responsiblity for it because ELF are pretty much on their own but Cassiopeia have their own agenda – no other man will get to her boyfriend but them. And she will make sure that everyone else will suffer for it if she does not have her way.

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Don’t Call It A Comeback. Because I’m Not Quite Ready. AllKpop is a Fucking Wanker

14 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Kevin Clouser  |  June 30, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Great post!

  • 2. girltype  |  June 30, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    Epic post is EPIC.

    • 3. chika  |  July 6, 2012 at 7:44 am


  • 4. Anonymous  |  August 1, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    That girl you mentioned about her “making her brother go into the bathroom to stalk” wasn’t even telling him to go. It’s funny how you’d assume stuff that you weren’t even there to see for yourself. (And yes, you’re right, I know her personally too!)

  • 5. Oppparislovely  |  August 5, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Wow. This isn’t even close to how good the old posts were

  • 6. SenriKuro  |  September 6, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Its really specific and great!!! The Heck?!?!? i didn’t even know half of things like that happened. Shame on me!! Anyways its an AWESOME post with GREAT details.

  • 7. Aika Thompson  |  October 27, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Love love your post ! Everyword and everytime! Although I can be a bit biased since I love K-pop (and I do believe there are “real talents” in the K-entertainment industry), but the music industry can be a factory sometimes. The industry can be either good or bad. And the fans…welll….there will always be fans who I do think go very extremes. Blame it on boredom, blame it on the hormones…bad parenting…wrong information, blame it even on the moon, the grass and everything else that has nothing to do with the eye raising behavior some fans really do. And how the industry turns a blind eye so that they can open their palms for some gold money in return. Just like in Hollywood. Nothing is for free man !!

  • 8. proudsonelf  |  December 15, 2012 at 3:51 am

    No shit, your post was epic. The realest *what* post I have ever read in my entire life of becoming a sonelf. (yes I’m a sonelf myself, but I definitly am NOT like those kind of fans)

  • 9. Itsokaytobehonest  |  August 5, 2013 at 4:50 am

    Well from a different POV. “Chaos generates the potential revenues that are funneled into the coffers”. So, do “fans” think they are more valuable when they commit fuckery? Oh yes.Yes dears. Goddess Kali loves your repeated, aggressive de-structing activities and all the resulting responses. The bottom-line number on the entertainment companies’ Profit and Loss statements grow beautifully. And by “entertainment companies” I am referring to both the owners AND the artists. Cha CHING!

  • 11. -hatersgonnahate  |  March 11, 2014 at 8:32 am

    what about f(x)?
    does this mean they have no problems? *^*

  • 12. Spirit  |  August 20, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Wasn’t it confirmed that Micky and Jaejoong didn’t hit those fans and that it was doctored “footage” I’m pretty sure it was. However they were forced to apologize for calling them names. I really respect that you want to be a fan of something and analyze many aspects of it, but if you could please ensure that all facts are correct, that would be great. Thank you.

  • 13. anxiousbabbles  |  June 9, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Never have I seen someone generalise a group by their fandom until now. Wow, lol.

  • 14. kanahagino  |  January 1, 2018 at 12:46 am

    @Spirit is actually not right about this. Above facts are all correct. It wasn’t doctored footage,it was real. Since you said “Pretty sure” – you are not completely sure. So please ensure YOU get your facts all correct too. Thank you as well.

    Anyway, great post. I fucking HATE the KPOP fandom. If not for my love of certain people (Jaejoong, Junsu, Kim Heechul, FT Island and Jonghyun for example) I would have left the fandom a long time ago. I have never seen crazier and creepier people than these fanclubs. Which makes me wonder what exactly went wrong with them… Japanese fans are not as crazy as them, so why is it that korean fans are crazier…?

    And how come Shinhwa managed to keep their own fans in check?? I only heard from Andy that Dongwan managed to get their fan’s phone numbers and called their parents and whenever they camped outside again, Andy threatened them: “Hurry up and go, Dongwan’s coming!!”


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