Some Old Ha–I mean, Seo In Young Releases MV Teaser for “Into the Rhythm”.

December 6, 2010 at 11:36 pm 1 comment

Looks like it’s not just men who go through a midlife crisis.

Jewelry’s Seo In Young has been doing some solo work here and there (Elly is So Hot and Elly is Cinderella, most notably if older KPOP fans have Alzheimer’s) since Jewelry aren’t as active as they used to be, although, they are the longest running girl-group out there. Even though, you know, two of the original members already left, they replaced one of them, and they’re supposedly going to come back with a new name any minute.

Yep, any minute.

Anyway, at first, Seo In Young had a very strong hip-hop influence in her Elly is So Hot (no, really) and in her second on, Elly is Cinderella, it still had a lot of hip-hop influence but you could tell that she wanted to try out techno. It didn’t work too well but whatever. And supposedly in her third album, Lov-Elly, there’s a lot of ballads which contributes to the annoying levels of ballads, as I mentioned before.

But now she’s releasing a new album called Into the Rhythm, which is supposedly going to come out on the 10th of December. All we can say is – what the fuck is this audio mess? This is worse than BoA’s song of wanting to come out and bump uglies with you. Gross. This is her second attempt at bad techno. I suppose the winter’s not quite tired of techno vomit just yet. The teaser is just weird and, again, it’s just nothing but noise.

I think this is her way of trying to breaking the Elly trend, which is surprising all things considering – her hip-hop stuff is more creditable than it may seem.

But, really, Beefcakes, should Seo In Young keep trying to get into the techno rhythm or is this Cinderella permanently banned from the techno ball she wants to so badly go?


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