SM Entertainment Need to Play Scrabble More Often.

November 19, 2010 at 8:12 pm 3 comments

SM Ballad: The next boring sensation since Anyplace.

Recently, since SM Entertainment are losing money because fucking JYJ are making more money than them with their American concerts (even though they were free), all the lawsuits, and they’re rapidly losing money due to an expensive karaoke bar where only idols can pay for (like they have time), they missed their weekly game of Scrabble with JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, amongst others, they decided to release a new temporary group called “SM The Ballad”.

This group consists Super Junior’s Kyunhyun, SHINee’s Donk–Jonghyun, the TRAX’s Jay (cue in “Who is the TRAX?” – they are an actual rock group that’s still somewhat around even though they were fucking awesome when they first debuted), and a random trainee named Jino.

Already prepared for fans’ wonderment, they’re already going to release an album on November 26.

Not sure why they would SM Entertainment would debut a ballad group (and it’s even said they’re going to make other people join ballad groups) when 99.5% of KPOP is nothing but ballads. The other .3% is about how hot, sexy, cool, and gangster KPOP idols think they are. The .2% is legitimately good music.

Although, I’m being extremely generous.

But whatever – SM Entertainment seems to know what the fuck they’re doing. Fans, though, are annoyed with the fact that there’s going to be a group solely dedicated to ballads when there’s, as I mentioned before, a large amount of artists produce crappy ballads.

Jonghyun, though, has whined about how SHINee doesn’t have enough ballads. Fans yell at him to shut up and to keep throwing barrels at fans who are trying to kill his girlfriend.  Jay seems to be happy to be back in the SPOTlight and not the backlights although Kyunhyun could probably care less (“Sweet, now I can buy more features for my Starcraft character! I always wanted a pet pug!”).

Jino had probably just wet himself silly knowing he’ll be singing with the balladeers of SM Entertainment.

So, beefcakes, what do you think about this group?


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  • 1. Kevin Clouser  |  November 20, 2010 at 4:02 am

    I’d honestly love to see the sales numbers for this “group” when they debut.

    Problem with K-Pop now is that there is too much of the same thing.

    After School has what, 10 members now? Miss A, Girls Generation, Secret, FX, KARA, etc, etc…

    It is all sounding a bit recycled, honestly.

    They need to break out. Where the hell is the rock and roll aspect of K-Pop?

    Now, as you mentioned in the article, fans are getting treated to the same crap they heard two years ago, recycled as something brand new to the audiences.

    • 2. starpowder  |  November 23, 2010 at 1:19 am

      Most KPOP rock bands are indie and it’s even harder to find them. Honestly, I don’t know what Korea’s beef with rock is (omg fans don’t like loud noises?) but it needs to stop that bullshit immediately.

  • […] Anyway, at first, Seo In Young had a very strong hip-hop influence in her Elly is So Hot (no, really) and in her second on, Elly is Cinderella, it still had a lot of hip-hop influence but you could tell that she wanted to try out techno. It didn’t work too well but whatever. And supposedly in her third album, Lov-Elly, there’s a lot of ballads which contributes to the annoying levels of ballads, as I mentioned before. […]


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